Day of the Dallas Career Fair – Virtual Job Fair June 24, – June 24, 2021

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Day of the Dallas Career Fair – Virtual Job Fair June 24, 2021 – June 24, 2021

Dallas Career Fair & Job Fair June 2021 By Diversity Career Group

Dallas Career Fair – Virtual Job Fair 

Thursday, June 24, 2021 *11:30 AM to 2:00 PM


This specialized virtual career fair is your opportunity to meet one-on-one in online interviews with decision-makers from a wide range of nationally recognized companies! 


DCG’s Hiring Events are open to: Entry-level, recent college graduates as well as experienced sales, customer relations, technology, corporate professionals and more! Our specially designed virtual career fair format allows you to ​make a great personal impression with​ ​several hiring managers that are normally ​difficult​ to contact through email and other methods. Job Seekers looking for a new ​career opportunity​ ​and attend our interview-style virtual career fairs are much more likely to ​quickly ​find a new position than those who apply at company career pages or online job board posting.


Job-Seekers and DCG’s Specialized Virtual Career Fairs…

The word is out… Virtual Career Fairs have now become an essential tool for helping you find a new job and career in 2021.

Although applying to job listings is still an option, DCG’s Virtual Career Fairs are a live online experience that speeds up your job hunt by letting you instantly meet and interview with hiring managers and recruiters (with multiple job openings).  Our Virtual Career Fair features companies with a wide range of immediate job openings, ready for on-the-spot interviews as soon as you enter the career fair.

All of the hiring managers and company recruiters are set up to have video chats at the click of a button which means that you and recruiters connect faster!

Bottom-line… DCG’s Specialized Virtual Career Fairs are a great way for you to quickly meet and talk directly with companies that have immediate job openings in your area.

View our annual schedule for your area here.

Please follow instructions on how to register and add your resume, so you are ready to interview with multiple companies on the day of your event.

The 21st Annual Dallas Career Fair - Virtual Job Fair March 11, 2021
Starting Time
May 20, 2021
Ending Time
May 20, 2021
Attending the upcoming Dallas Career Fair Virtual Diversity Job Fair May 20th, 2021 is a great way for you to find a new career. Our hiring events are open to entry level, recent college graduates, and experienced professionals. Find Dallas Jobs in Sales, Retail and Customer Service among others.
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