DCG Virtual Career Fairs – Event Rates


Meet Interested Job Seekers in an efficient 2 hour online event! For more information on employer booth packages, call: +1(949)518-3025 or Email Us.

Diversity Event Sponsor

Package Price                                                     $1495

Sale Price                                          $995

Standard Pro Package

"Most Popular"

Package Price                                                     $995

Sale Price                                          $595

Basic Package ( Intro )

Package Price                                                     $595

Sale Price                                          $395


Diversity & Inclusion

Principled with the foundations of Diversity & Inclusion in our Ethos, we provide a safe space for candidates of all backgrounds to meet recruiters and managers looking for candidates in Sales, Customer Relations, Professional Corporate Occupations, Technology Solutions, Healthcare, Government roles, as well as any position and/or opportunity represented at our events, both in-person and online. It is crucial that In our 21st consecutive year, we vigilantly continue to provide a channel for spreading positive necessary change by ensuring a platform for equality opportunities and emphatic inclusion efforts to ensure we reflect our diverse community.