Virtual Platform + Booth Access
$395 / Event
  • Remote Access for 2 Recruiters
  • Outreach & Marketing
  • Resume Package
  • Dedicated Platform & Dashboard
  • Virtual Booth


All TRIAL services + Targeted Outreach
$595 / Event
  • Remote Access for up to 4 recruiters
  • Targeted Outreach + Marketing
  • Resume Package + 1 Online Listing
  • Dedicated Platform & Dashboard
  • Virtual Booth


PRO + Scheduled Qualified Candidates
$995 / Event
  • Remote Access for up to 6 Recruiters
  • PRO + Scheduled Qualified Candidates
  • Resume Package + 2 Online Listings
  • Dedicated Platform & Dashboard
  • Virtual Booth


30-Day Access post-event included in all packages. In addition to using our custom platform to meet and interact with interested candidates; you can easily export individual candidate information right from the provided dashboard after remotely meeting candidates via chat, video, and phone at your provided company virtual booth

Remote Multi-Recruiter Access

We make things easy with Multi-Recruiter Access for remote teams to enable you to recruit all in the same space from a different place. With additional features to make notes and organize recruiter outreach, this is perfect for teams small to large.

TARGETED Marketing & Outreach

Yep, we do marketing too. Our Outreach is geo-targeted to specific areas and we take a strategic approach to providing candidates for your review ( meaning: we want to make sure you're seeing candidates right for you ). Using our tools so you don't have to, we're here to help boost your candidate imprint and land the best candidates for you and your team..


Diversity & Inclusion

Principled with foundations of Diversity & Inclusion in our Ethos, we provide a safe space for candidates of all backgrounds to meet recruiters and managers looking for candidates in Sales, Customer Relations, Professional Corporate Occupations, Technology Solutions, Healthcare, Government roles, as well as any position and/or opportunity represented at our events, both in-person and online. It is crucial that In our 21st consecutive year, we vigilantly continue to provide a channel for spreading positive necessary change by ensuring a platform for equality opportunities and emphatic inclusion efforts to ensure we reflect our diverse community.