What to Wear to a Job Fair: Top 3 Tips

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what to wear to a job fair

What to Wear to a Job Fair: Top 3 Tips

what to wear to a job fairWith career fairs on the rise again, we know that you’ve likely thought about attending one in your area.

Not only are job fairs an awesome way to connect with many recruiters at once, they also give you the chance to evaluate what other job applicants might bring to the table.

If you want to stand out at a career fair, then you’ll need to make a great impression.

One of the most common questions we hear? What should I wear to a Sales & Professional job fair.

Keep on reading this post to understand how to excel at a career fair dress code.

1. Wear Comfortable but Professional Shoes

No, we don’t mean that you’ll be able to get away with wearing sneakers or open-toed sandals.

However, you should also be sure to leave your highest black pumps or your most tight-fitting leather loafers at home.

You’ll be shaking hands with lots of different people, and will be on your feet for most of the day. You’ll need shoes that take the pressure off of your back and offer excellent support.

You don’t want to be thinking about your blisters all day.

2. Keep it Crisp and Simple

In this area, you need to make sure you actually bring printed copies of your resume with you. We are want to be evironmentally sound, but each manager or recruiter will want to have a document that the two of you can review together. A nice crisp paper resume is your best bet in an interview at one of our career fairs. at a career fair.

Simple formats are always best, but make sure you have an impressive resume, bullet points that highlight your skill sets, positive results and achievement and people skills — not the loud top, short skirt, or wrinkled dress shirt you’re wearing.

When in doubt, stripes or solid-colored shirts are the best way to go.

Always make it a point to iron your outfit or even take it to the dry cleaner before you go. Throw a stain removal pen into your bag for any last-minute disasters.

Remember, your outfit shouldn’t distract from conversations you’re having with recruiters.

3. Keep it Classy

Above all, make sure that your clothes represent you well, and project the kind of image you plan to carry over into the workplace when hired.

While wearing tee-shirts emblazoned with logos and brand names might make you a star on social media, it’s not appropriate for job fairs.

The same goes for any kind of clothing that is excessively tight or baggy.

For ladies, remember to keep jewelry simple. Stud earrings and a classic pearl necklace are a much better option than dangly earrings or over-the-top statement necklaces.

What to Wear to a Job Fair: Wrapping Up

We hope this post has helped you to learn more about what to wear to a job fair.

Above all, your outfit should be classic, clean, and work-appropriate. Steer clear of distracting patterns, graphics, or short/revealing pieces.

Looking for more advice on how to make the most out of the next career fair that you attend? We can help.

Be sure to read up on our blog to connect with opportunities in your area, and learn more about how to make yourself stand out as a job candidate.

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